4 Lighting Tips for a Backyard Summer Solstice Party

4 Lighting Tips for a Backyard Summer Solstice Party

lighting tips for a backyard summer solstice party


The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the longest day of the year. It is viewed as cause for festivals and celebrations in various parts of the world. This year, the summer solstice is taking place on June 21 and the professionals at The Perfect Light  think it’s the perfect excuse to plan an exciting backyard party. To plan your summer solstice party, you’re going to need great decorations, delicious food, and beautiful lighting to create the perfect ambiance. You might be able to find proper decor and snacks, but finding the right lighting might be trickier – so we’re going to take some of the weight off your shoulders and give you some lighting tips for a backyard summer solstice party!


Some things to take care of before you light it up…

Before you start hanging the lights up, it’s important to take some measures to make sure you and your guests are comfortable and safe.

Now that you’re prepared, you can get to the fun part; putting up the lights! Set the mood for the perfect backyard summer solstice party with these different lighting tips and styles.


Get the Festival Feel

Many cultures celebrate the summer solstice by lighting bonfires. You can recreate this by using your lighting to add a fiery glow to your backyard! If you have a fire pit, make use of it. If not, don’t worry. You can still get the festival feel using lanterns and tiki torches!

  • Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are festive and excellent for parties on a budget. With different sizes and styles available at your fingertips, you can light up your backyard however you want.

Use multicolored, paper lanterns to give your backyard a colorful glow. If you want to take a simpler route, get gold or white lanterns to give your party an ethereal ambiance. If you have tables, place a large lantern or a cluster of small lanterns in the center of your table to create a bold centerpiece. While you can use real candles for a fiery glow, for your safety we recommend using battery operated candles.

  • Tiki Torches

A couple tiki torches lined in the corner of your yard or around your pool will truly create the feel of a festive celebration. While you can purchase them from stores like Home Depot, there are also high-end options available as well as electric and solar-powered torches. Before you put these torches up, remember to read up a little bit about them. Be safe and keep your kids and pets away from them!


Keep It Low-Key and Elegant

There is nothing wrong with taking a low-key route to your backyard party lighting. If done right, it can provide a nice glow in the background while keeping the focus on other components of the party. To achieve this simple and elegant look, we recommend using festoon lights and candles.

  • Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are the bold bulbs you often see hanging from the roofs of outdoor cafes. These lights add an aesthetic appeal to wherever you hang them. These lights come in either LED or incandescent bulbs as well as a variety of styles such as Edison style bulbs and different colored bulbs.

For your backyard summer solstice party, we recommend the LED festoon lights in translucent plastic casings. Incandescent bulbs can get hot quickly and are easy to smash.

  • Candles

There’s a lot you can do with candles because of their different styles. You can go with the classic wick option and make them centerpieces, surrounding them with flower petals.

You can also try floating candles, and place them in glasses, bowls and mason jars filled with water. If you have a pool, you can place floating candles in your pool among some floating petals.  There are also LED and battery-operated candles you can use to avoid any hazards. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with candles. They are a classic option that will add the right ambiance to your party without being too overwhelming.


Go Mystical with Fairy Lights

Many cultures celebrate the solstice by sharing stories about mythical creatures such as fairies. Create a mystical ambiance with fairy lights and decor that gives your backyard a whimsical feel. Here are some ways you can get creative with fairy lights:

  • Get some large mason jars and stack them up with some battery-operated fairy lights to make it seem like you’ve caught fireflies (or fairies) in your jar. Make them your centerpieces or place them in the corners of your deck.
  • If you have any trees in your backyard, wrap the lights around the branches, to make it seem like some fairies are hiding within the greenery.
  • Go crazy and string them up everywhere! To achieve this, choose smaller fairy lights instead of bulkier ones so their effect isn’t too overwhelming.

Focus on the Flowers

Another way to celebrate the solstice in different parts of the world is by making wreaths, garlands and flower crowns. Decorate your backyard party with a mix of flowers and string lights and even make flower crown-building a staple activity. Here are some ways you can creatively combine flowers and outdoor lighting:

  • Build a wreath and add some fairy lights around it.
  • Learn about the ways you can light your deck to create a warm outdoor ambiance that lights up your garden.
  • Hang up some garlands along with some string lights. You can either hang them up from two sides or you can hang them vertically to create a curtain effect. This technique will give you a great background for a photo booth.


Your backyard summer solstice party can be a beautiful celebration depending on the mood you create using different lighting techniques. We understand finding the right outdoor lighting, whether it’s for a party or for the long-term, can be a hassle. Contact The Perfect Light for professional lighting options for your landscape, holidays, events and more. Our team of professionals will make sure all your lighting questions and concerns are addressed!



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