4 Lighting Tips for Your Garage

4 Lighting Tips for Your Garage

When homeowners think of outdoor lighting, they most likely don’t think of their garage lights. However, garage lighting is just as important as the landscape lights in your yard. Garage lighting ensures visibility and safety for all the times you’re parking your car, storing items or working in the garage.

However, it’s understandable if you don’t know much about garage lighting. Luckily, the pros at The Perfect Light do! Below are some lighting tips for your garage so you can have another well-lit space in your home!


1. Use Motion Sensors

Many homeowners are opting for lights with motion sensors to save up on their electricity bills. Motion sensors can detect when you are or aren’t in the garage and will turn off automatically when they don’t sense movement. You can also opt to install them outside to light up your driveway to avoid any tripping hazards.

You can either purchase lights with built in motion sensors or purchase a motion sensor compatible with light bulbs you have. For the latter, you will have to turn the power off and wire the sensors to the garage light fixture.


2. Go Beyond Ambient Lighting

Ambient light is usually achieved through a ceiling fixture that gives off soft overhead lighting to illuminate the floors and the room. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to ambient lighting especially if you use your garage for purposes other than storage. Here are two other types of lighting you should consider:

  • Task Lighting: LED shop lights

Task lighting is a brighter type of lighting that is used to illuminate a workspace. For your garage workshop, opt for LED shop lights that can be hung from the garage ceiling. LED light is a great energy-efficient option and will provide lighting that will last longer. These shop lights will provide focused illumination on your workshop, so you won’t have to work under dim lighting anymore. Make sure they’re hung a few inches behind where you’re sitting and working so they don’t directly shine in your eyes.

  • Accent Lighting: Sconces for your driveway

Accent lighting is a little less bright than task lighting and is used to highlight decorative pieces. You can make use of accent lighting for your driveway by mounting sconces on either side of your garage door!


3. Make Use of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has a lot of benefits and incorporating it into your garage lighting will certainly help reduce your electricity bill. Adding windows or even a skylight to your garage will help bring in warm natural light. However, keep in mind that it will be costly and time consuming to install windows or a skylight. If you have the time and budget to do this, consider making this your midsummer project!


4. Use Bulbs with a High CRI

CRI or Color Rendering Index describes how a specific light source makes the color of an item appear to our eyes. A higher CRI of a light source means the color of an object is rendered more accurately under that light source. If you tend to do any painting or woodworking projects in the garage, make sure you get lights that have a CRI between 85-100 to ensure more accuracy!


By following these lighting tips for your garage, you can go from having a poorly lit garage to having a well-lit space where you can complete a variety of tasks! Contact The Perfect Light for professional lighting options for your home’s landscape or events. Our team of experts will make sure all your lighting concerns are addressed and your needs are met!


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