5 Lighting Designs to Revamp Your Lake House for Summer

5 Lighting Designs to Revamp Your Lake House for Summer


There are few things more exhilarating than feeling your winter worries melt away as you drive up to your cozy, beautiful lake house for your first stay of the season. That being said, the wrong outdoor ambiance can take away from the fun and relaxation. Are you wondering how you can transform your lackluster lake house into the heavenly escape you need this season? Well, the team at The Perfect Light is here to tell you about some lighting designs to revamp your lake house for summer!

Illuminate Your Dock

When it comes to designing the lighting for your lake house, your dock is one of the most important areas to address. Because there is the walkway, sea wall, and boat house to consider, there are several different concepts you can explore. To give you some ideas, here are examples of lighting concepts for different areas:

  • Sea Wall Lighting

First on our list of ideas to illuminate your dock is sea wall lighting. With this technique, lights are installed directly into the wall between your lawn and the lake, blending seamlessly into the sea wall. Designed to shine directly onto the water, these lights create a magical, soft glow that reflects off the lake, bringing out an array of dazzling colors. In addition to creating this enchanting effect, sea wall lighting provides some extra safety by highlighting the water’s edge at night.

  • Mounted Exterior Wall Lanterns on Posts

For a more rustic aesthetic, you can add scrolled hook exterior wall lanterns to wood posts along the walkway to the dock. As far as style goes, you can find many nautical iron lanterns that can add a lot of charm to your dock and serve as fantastic fixtures for pathway lighting.

  • Solar Lighting

As the least expensive and simplest option, you can install solar dock lights. Requiring no wiring, solar lights utilize internal rechargeable batteries, which receive their charge during the day from a built-in solar panel. Once the sun sets, these lights automatically turn on, allowing for an effortless and seamless transition from day to night. When choosing your fixtures, solar lights can be mounted on circular dock posts or flat surfaces, so there are plenty of style options to choose from.

  • Underwater Lighting

For a truly unique and magical effect, you can install underwater LED dock lights. Not only do these lights create a beautiful glow in the water but help keep your dock safer for nighttime recreation. Furthermore, you can choose different colors to create a specific effect. For murkier water, green bulbs are a popular choice due to the shorter wavelengths of light they put off.

2. Add Some Spotlights

Second on our list of lighting designs to revamp your lake house is adding some spotlights to highlight interesting landscape features. For example, if you have a majestic old tree or trellis, you can add some interest to your yard by illuminating them with a spotlight.

3. Use Café Lighting for Outdoor Dining Areas

Next on our agenda is adding some charm and ambiance to your outdoor dining area. One of our favorite ways to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere is by incorporating café-style lighting in your outdoor dining space. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bistro Lights

Ideal for an open-air patio or deck, bistro lights can be elegantly strung above your outdoor dining space to make the atmosphere more intimate and welcoming. Furthermore, bistro lights can provide the illumination you need for evening activities, without putting off excessive light that can pollute the nighttime view of the lake.

  • Lanterns

Another option to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor dining area is using lanterns. With the option to use string light lanterns, hanging single lanterns, or standing lanterns, there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your dining space.

  • Edison Bulb String Lights

For a more eclectic or vintage vibe, you can hang Edison bulb string lights above your dining space for some instant ambiance with a touch of whimsy. If you have a covered dining area, you can even look into hanging Edison bulb chandeliers for a unique accent piece.

4. Choose Some Interesting Fixtures

When it comes to achieving the right aesthetics, the fixtures you choose to execute your lighting design are key. Because there are many different architectural and decorative styles for lake houses, from modern to vintage nautical to rustic, there are just as many fixture options. To help you get started, here are some fixture examples for different aesthetics:  

  • Pendant Lights:

Because pendant lights now come in a large variety of outdoor options, any style is attainable. To start, here are some of our favorite lake house pendant lights for different architectural styles:

  • Vintage Nautical Style

First on our list are pendant lights with mixed metal frames that cover blown glass shades. With this style, you can mix both vintage nautical and industrial aesthetics into one interesting fixture. You can also add some vintage nautical vibes to your lake house by hanging jute rope globe pendants. Another vintage nautical option is hanging a lantern-style pendant. For the most authentic style, look for a lantern pendant with bronze and gold-finished arms around a ribbed glass orb.

  • Modern Industrial Style

Another popular new trend in lake house decor is incorporating copper and iron in your lighting fixtures. Therefore, we recommend looking for some copper or iron pendant lights that can add some warmth to your space. For a blend of industrial and rustic, you can look for bell-shaped pendants with a distressed, polished nickel finish. Another fun outdoor fixture to look for is a marine port style pendant with textured glass. For an added touch of old-world charm, look for a marine port pendant with a brass or bronze finish. In the same vein, you can also look for an outdoor seeded glass globe pendant with a vintage weathered zinc grill and chain.

  • Boho-Chic Style:

For some fantastic pops of color, look for painted art glass pendant lights with interesting elements like tile mosaics. Also, you can look for some pendant lights that are cased in sand and turquoise-stained glass for a truly unique and beautiful accent to your outdoor space. Additionally, you can let dazzling light patterns dance across the ceilings and walls with a glass globe pendant light that is painted with swirls of incandescent bronze or aqua. To add that eclectic boho vibe to your outdoor space, look for hand blown glass pendants with these colorful features. Another fun boho-chic fixture to incorporate in your outdoor dining or entertainment space is a white metal lantern pendant in the shape of bamboo shoots.

  • Rustic/Cottage Style

For a rustic look, you can hang iron lantern-style pendants with a distressed finish. We also love the vintage rustic look of clear water glass jug pendants. For a modern farmhouse appeal, look for  water glass jug pendants with a dark bronze finish. Another rustic option is a pendant made of entwined driftwood surrounding an iron candelabra. For a more modern farmhouse look, you can incorporate simple cylinder glass pendant lights with a bronze chain and rope feature. We also love the simplicity of a hammered glass demijohn bottle pendant for a rustic or cottage style lake house. For a warm and rustic vibe, look for varieties that hang from jute rope.

  • Sconces and Ceiling Lights

One great way to add a unique touch to any is incorporating unique sconces or flush mount fixtures. To get you started, here are some ideas for styles to suit different aesthetics:

  • Vintage Nautical Style:

For a vintage nautical style, you can look for antique globe sconces with seeded glass for that special old-world nautical touch. You can also look for bulkhead sconces with brushed nickel and clear glass for a classic nautical look at your entryway or along the walls of your patio or deck. For some vintage charm at the outdoor entryway, you can install some arched carriage style wall lanterns. To achieve the most authentic look, we recommend finding wall lanterns with an aged zinc finish.

  • Modern Industrial Style:

For a modern industrial twist, you can hang some wall sconces with metal and rope accents. Also, look for sconces with warehouse-inspired cage shades with a vintage bronze finish. For a modern industrial ceiling light, look for distressed metal cage fixtures. We recommend features with a weathered patina finish in black or copper.

  • Boho-Chic Style:

As a colorful and eclectic contemporary option, look for some flush mount fixtures with interesting details like glass mosaics. If you’re looking for an interesting fixture that ties in natural elements, look for shades made of natural cork or found materials like rope. To incorporate the new trend of mixing and matching ceiling lights, you can look for some outdoor ceiling lights featuring different types of aged brass or pewter finishes. Another opulent light option for a boho-chic look is a mother of pearl mosaic bowl ceiling light.

  • Rustic/Cottage Style:

If your lake house is styled toward a more rustic vibe, consider using an arched arm sconce with a bulb grill that has a classic stacked chimney top. For a vintage rustic aesthetic, look for this style of sconce in a weathered bronze or brushed nickel finish. Another charmingly rustic fixture to illuminate your outdoor entryway or entertainment area is a pulley farmhouse sconce with a swing arm. With this unique option, industrial meets rustic, especially with a bronze finish. If you have a ceiling fan in your outdoor space, consider installing a clear seeded glass saucer light kit with a bronze or galvanized metal finish.

  • Chandeliers

When it comes to incorporating chandeliers as an accent piece at your lake house, there are plenty of different style options to explore! To give you some examples of durable outdoor chandeliers for different aesthetics, here are some popular styles:

  • Boho-Chic Style:

If you’re aiming for a boho chic aesthetic, you can look for chandeliers with layered beaded hammocks or hanging layers of capiz shell discs. For a perfect boho-chic chandelier that could hang above your outdoor dining or kitchen area, look for a capiz shell island chandelier. Another popular and eclectic style to look for is an oyster shell basket chandelier.

  • Vintage Nautical Style:

For a more vintage nautical style, look for a simple rope net glass sphere chandelier or an iron-framed chandelier with distressed wooden bead strands or even strands of shells or sea glass. Another fantastic option for that vintage look is a chandelier with a rust-spotted verdigris frame with a distressed candelabra. We love the look of distressed ivory candelabras with soft, curved arms and candle cups.

  • Rustic/Cottage Style

If your style leans toward a more rustic aesthetic, you can look for pieces like rope frame chandeliers, driftwood globe chandeliers, or bell-shaped chandeliers with a fiber twine shade. If you are looking for a more vintage rustic aesthetic, consider hanging a lodge-style chandelier with weathered bronze and rope accents. For a durable option with a modern rustic appeal, consider hanging a rectangular wooden chandelier with exposed bulbs. To achieve the perfect vintage aesthetic with this piece, look for rectangular chandeliers with weathered wood and a bronze finish.

  • Modern Industrial Style

For a modern industrial style, look for rope sphere chandeliers. Not only are these incredibly durable for outdoor use but add some character to the space. You can also look for a blown glass chandelier with a metal frame and rope elements for an industrial twist on a nautical theme. Another modern industrial option to look for is a farmhouse style chandelier featuring an over-sized distressed iron cage.


5. Create Some Ambiance with Fire Features

  • Outdoor Fireplace

Nothing is cozier than sitting by an outdoor fireplace on a cooler evening by the lake. One of the best ways to illuminate outdoor entertainment areas at your lake house is with the warm glow of a fireplace. If your entertainment space is roofless, you can build a free-standing fireplace as a beautiful centerpiece to evening gatherings.

  • Firepits

In addition to the glow of an outdoor fireplace, you add a firepit for summertime s’mores and intimate gatherings. As a growing trend for many Texas lakeside homes, firepits offer fantastic ambiance to summer evenings. Furthermore, firepits can serve as an aesthetically interesting feature during the daytime to your landscaping.

  • Candle Light

Another fantastic way to provide extra light, ambiance, and protection from mosquitoes is incorporating candles in your design. As a fun DIY project, you can make your own mason jar citronella lanterns that you can hang or place around your dining or entertainment spaces. Another of our favorite DIY candle-light features are wine bottle tiki torches. Perfect for table centerpieces, you can use these as a natural lighting feature for outdoor dining or lounge areas. If DIY isn’t your style, you can always purchase tiki torches to place around your lake house property. In addition to natural illumination, you can fight mosquitoes by using insect-repellent fuel to light them. You’ll be amazed at the amount of illumination, ambiance, and relief from mosquitoes a few well-placed fire features provide.


Discover More Lighting Designs to Revamp Your Lake House for Summer…

In addition to these lighting designs to revamp your lake house for summer, there are more ideas to explore with The Perfect Light team. If you’re ready to transform your lake house, you’ll need a professional’s touch. For the help of the best lighting pros in the business, call The Perfect Light today at 972-616-4104 or visit our website to schedule an appointment!



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