5 Outdoor Lighting Tips for A Backyard Barbecue

5 Outdoor Lighting Tips for A Backyard Barbecue

As we slowly but surely approach the end of July, it’s easy to get a little glum about the end of summer vacation. Soon, you will have to settle back into your previous routine, do some serious back to school shopping and say a teary goodbye to your leisure time. However, we at the Perfect Light are optimists. Sure, summer is ending, but instead of ending it on a sad note, we believe you should end it with a bang by throwing an awesome backyard barbecue! And to ensure you have the right ambiance to lift your spirits, our team is here to give you some outdoor lighting tips for a backyard barbecue.


1. Keep the Mosquitoes Away with Bug Lights

Mosquitoes and bugs are bound to show up when you’re grilling out in the backyard and can put a real damper on your barbecue. However, you can prevent this from happening by using yellow bug lights! Lights generally attract bugs – but the yellow bulbs on these bug lights make it difficult for many insects to see your light source. Replace any standard LED or incandescent bulbs you commonly use in your backyard with these yellow bulbs and see the difference!


2. Use Task Lighting for Grilling

When you’re firing up the grill. it’s important that you can properly see the steaks you’re barbecuing to ensure they’re just right. Sure, you can ask someone to shakily hold up a flashlight or provide weak lighting from a smart phone. But it would much more efficient if you opted for some focused lighting for your grill.

Grill lights can be clamped on the lid of your grill or they can be placed right next to the grill.  These lights provide the task lighting appropriate for nighttime grilling, so you can enjoy cooking and serving the food without having to shout out for someone to hold up a light.


3. Two words: String Lights

When it comes to party lighting, we mention string lights often because of their versatility. They can be used to light up any area for any occasion depending on how you string them up. Here are some ways you can use string lights to spice up your barbecue:

  • Wrap Them Around Tree Trunks:

If you have any trees in your yard, wrap the lights around the tree trunks. This might be a little frustrating to deal with since wrapping these lights around an object is no easy feat, especially if there is no outlet nearby. To make the process a little easier, purchase solar string lights or battery-operated ones. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding an extension cord.

  • Hang Up Sturdy Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are common because they give off the right ambiance and their bulbs are a little larger and stronger. Hang these lights on your deck or patio to give your barbecue a more casual, café-type feel!

  • Use Color Changing Lights

Battery-operated color changing lights can add a festive feel to your barbecue. Some of these lights come with a remote to give you more control of their color schemes while others come with pre-set color schemes.


4. Set Up A Fire Pit

A fire-pit can add a welcoming atmosphere to your backyard barbecue. Your adult guests can quietly relax around the fire while the kids can make smores! You can purchase portable fire pits and place comfortable chairs around the pit to give your barbecue calming feel.


5. DIY Glass Bottle Torches

If you want a DIY project for the last few weeks of summer, try this DIY glass bottle torch project. With a recycled wine bottle, fuel made specifically for outdoor torches, a wick, and a couple other items, you will be able to make a beautiful torch for your backyard barbecue in no time! However, when you use these torches, make sure to follow the safety protocol for using torches outdoors.


Light Up Your Backyard Barbecue with The Perfect Light!

By following these outdoor lighting tips for a backyard barbecue, you will be able to set the right ambiance for a relaxing get-together with loved ones. We understand finding the right lighting can be a little difficult, whether it’s for events or general landscape lighting. Contact the Perfect Light for professional lighting options—our team will ensure all your lighting questions and concerns are addressed!

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