5 Unique Ideas for Outdoor Pathway Lighting

5 Unique Ideas for Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Who says your pathway lighting should be all function and no fun? With so many new innovations in the landscape lighting industry, there are few limits to how creative you can get with your pathway lighting. To help you put the fun back in functional, the experts at The Perfect Light are here to share 5 unique ideas for outdoor pathway lighting!


1. Mix and Match Your Fixtures

First on our list is the concept of creating an eclectic, whimsical pathway by using a mixture of different fixtures. Especially if you are illuminating landscaped pathways or borders around garden areas, this is a fun way to highlight the uniqueness of different plants and flowers. Furthermore, this lighting concept can help you avoid the look of an airplane runway. Have fun and experiment with different fixtures to compliment different types of vegetation.


2. Use Motion Sensor Lights

As a second option, you can create a different kind of magic by having your path light up as you approach it with motion sensors. Perfect for a fairytale effect in a garden, you can also design this concept with bollard lights for a modern twist. In fact, there are plenty of fixtures you can choose from for this lighting plan, so take your time to explore all options for the fixture best suited to your home and style preferences.


3. Go Victorian with Your Fixtures

Speaking of fixtures, there are many unique fixtures to consider for your pathway lighting. One of our favorite fixture aesthetics is the Victorian look. To achieve this style, go for iron and bronze fixtures such as vintage lanterns on shepherds’ rooks or ornate wrought-iron lamp post lights. As another unique Victorian lighting feature to include in pathway lighting for your garden, consider purchasing some gazing globes. When placed upon Vintage pedestals, gazing globes add a touch of old-world magic to any garden. The possibilities are endless with the great abundance of Victorian style fixtures on the market.


4. Illuminate a Contemporary Pathway with Well Lights

For a more contemporary aesthetic, consider using well lights to illuminate your pathways. Installed to be flush with the ground, well lights create a clean, contemporary look without interfering with the landscape. In addition to lighting pathways along lawns or landscaped areas, well lights are a fantastic option for driveways and pool areas. Because they are installed into the ground, they eliminate any tripping hazards, and can withstand the weight of a car. Therefore, if you are a fan of the minimalist elegance of contemporary design, well lights could be the perfect pathway lighting option for you!


5. Create an Enchanting Rustic Look

Last on our pathway lighting designs list is an enchanting rustic look. As an increasingly popular trend, many homeowners are choosing more artistic fixtures to illuminate their pathways. To add a touch of rustic magic to your pathways and landscape/garden borders, consider using lights that are built into rustic sculptures. There are also many fun staked lantern designs on the market that capture a fairytale aesthetic with various woodland creatures and themes sculpted into the design. Also, you can consider making DIY cedar light posts to illuminate pathways.


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