5 Ways to Improve Front Door Lighting

5 Ways to Improve Front Door Lighting

The first thing a person looks for and notices when they approach your home is the front entranceway. Make sure you have the right lighting around your front door to improve curb appeal, safety, and security.

Why You Should Improve Front Door Lighting

  1. Safety – It’s important to have enough light for exiting and entering your home at night. If you don’t have the proper lighting, you could risk trips, falls, and fumbling for your keys.
  2. Security – If you want to know who is approaching your door, proper lighting is a must. This is especially true if you have security cameras installed. No matter how good your camera is, if you don’t have the proper lighting, you won’t be able to see anything.
  3. Curb Appeal – Nothing quite improves the curb appeal of your home more than entryway lighting. It’s the first place where your eyes are drawn. If you have the right entryway and front door lighting, you can improve the curb appeal and value of your home.

5 Ways to Improve Front Door Lighting

  1. Drive Around the Neighborhood

There’s nothing better than seeing outdoor lighting as it appears in real life. Drive around the neighborhood and take a look at the inviting front doors. Which ones do you like the best?

Done right, exterior lighting can boost curb appeal, increase security, and help guests and household safely navigate their way in and out of the home.

  1. Assess Your Front Door Space

Before you even think about finding the perfect fixture(s) for your front door, it’s important to evaluate the space you have to work with. Think about whether you may want wall-mounted lights or ceiling-mounted ones. If your front door space is large, you may want both.

Remember, the goal is to have enough light around the entryway to get rid of dark spots and cast a warm, inviting glow that’s easy on the eyes.

  1. Consider Pendant Lights

A pendant is a great way to cast a wide pool of light around the entryway. Consider side pendant lights as well.

Pendant lights are a beautiful way to light up your front entryway; however, they are best used with high ceilings. Also, you should think about how windy it might get.

For more opaque glass, it’s best to use a higher wattage bulb (24-40W LED or 100-125W incandescent). With clearer glass, you can use a lower wattage.

  1. Consider Single and Double Sconces

For a nice symmetrical look, you may want to frame your doorway with double sconces or door-frame lights. These lights are typically installed around 6-12 inches away from the door casing. Usually, a 12-16W LED bulb or 60-70W incandescent bulb for each fixture is enough.

If space is limited, you can get away with a single sconce. A single sconce is normally installed on the doorknob side.

  1. Light Up Your Doorway for Christmas!

Front doors are the perfect spot for festive Christmas lights. Even if you don’t light anything else up, put up some Christmas lights around your door. Remember to only use extension cords and lights that are rated for outdoor use. For a professional and sophisticated look, contact The Perfect Light for your free Christmas Design Consultation.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Installing doorway lighting is more complicated than it seems. While changing a light fixture may seem like an easy DIY job, you may need a dedicated junction box, which requires the skills of a professional electrician.

You also want to keep in mind that many light bulbs and fixtures are only suitable for dry environments. You want to make sure your entryway light fixture are damp and/or wet-rated by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

In any case, it’s best to at least consult with a professional first.

Lucky for you, The Perfect Light offers free outdoor lighting consultations. Get in touch with us today!

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