5 Ways to Save Electricity on Outdoor Lighting

5 Ways to Save Electricity on Outdoor Lighting

We might have mentioned this before, but landscape lighting is great to have. It adds a welcoming feel to your home, highlights the best parts of your yard and improves the overall safety of your house. However, as essential as landscape lighting is, additional lighting can also create a higher electrical bill. But lighting your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. You can still find ways to save electricity with outdoor lighting by following these tips from the pros at The Perfect Light!


1. Consider Solar Lighting

Many homeowners are opting for solar lighting as it’s a great way to save electricity. Below are some benefits of going solar:

  • No Switch Required

Many outdoor solar lights come with photoreceptors that detect changes in darkness and light. Increase in darkness outside triggers the solar lights to turn on automatically without any switch. To ensure good quality, check product labeling for “nightly run time.”

  • Easy Installation

Solar lights are easy to install and maintain. Solar pathway lights, for example, don’t come with wires or cables. All you need to do is stake these lights in an area with direct sun and they will do the rest! Many lights also come with detached solar panels so lights that are placed in darker areas can still get the solar energy necessary.

  • Increased Safety

With solar lighting there is no risk of electrocution. These versatile lights are safe to use around pools, ponds, and in rainy weather, because they don’t require any electrical cords.


2. Update to LED Bulbs

One of the most common ways to save electricity indoors and outdoors is by switching your bulbs to LEDs. According to the Department of Energy, residential LEDs or light emitting diodes use up to 75 percent less energy and can last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. These lights also have a great color rendering index and can be dimmed if necessary. Before purchasing outdoor LED lighting, ensure it is weatherproof and for outdoor use only.


3. Use Motion Sensor Controls

Motion sensor controls are very helpful for energy-conscious security lighting, especially if you live in a dark area. These lights will turn on when they sense movement in their range and will stay on for up to 30 seconds, depending on the timer.  If the lights no longer sense movement, they will automatically shut off.

You can either install motion sensors for fixtures you already have in your driveway, porch or front yard. However, you can also purchase motion sensor security lights (such as floodlights) which are relatively inexpensive.


4. Use Timer Controls

Your outdoor lights are left on for longer periods than your indoor lights, according to the Department of Energy. By using timer controls you can ensure you outdoor lights are turned on for only a certain window of time. Here are some timer controls you should consider:

  • Astronomic Timer

This timer uses your GPS coordinates or location to determine the times for dusk and dawn and turns on accordingly.

  • Electric Timer

This type of timer is more common. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet for controlling lights such as lamps or string lights. This type of timer simply regulates an electric circuit and turns the lights off or on at specified times.

  • “Smart” Timer

With a smart home automation system, you can simply use your smartphone or tablet to dim your landscape lights, change their colors, and turn them on or off at desired times. Before you connect your landscape lighting to a smart home system, consult one of our experienced professionals!


5. Choose ENERGY STAR Fixtures

Lighting fixtures that have the ENERGY STAR certification have special features that maintain their efficiency while saving electricity. These fixtures use 90 percent less energy and produce up to 90 percent less heat than other models. Plus, their outdoor models include automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors.


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