6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks, Patios & Pergolas

6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks, Patios & Pergolas

These beautiful spring nights are compelling us to spend more time outdoors. And why not? In addition to enjoying more of the outdoors, consider upgrading your space to be both functional and beautiful for the months ahead.

Proper porch and deck lighting acts as a welcome sign for visitors, aids security camera visibility, and provides additional light for safe passage.

By upgrading your deck and porch lighting, you’ll be adding safety, security, and curb appeal while extending your time spent outdoors. Take advantage of everything your home has to offer with these deck and porch lighting ideas.

  1. Outdoor Post and Railing Lighting

Using low-voltage LED lights, you can light all of your railing and posts without fear of shock or electrocution. Most outdoor lighting is now low-voltage, which requires a transformer to convert the normal 120-volt current to a low-voltage 12-volt current.

Outdoor post lights are a very versatile option for lighting your outdoor spaces. Since they have the freedom to be moved, you can place them pretty much anywhere, such as the entrance to a driveway, deck, or porch.

Post lights come in many different heights, shapes, and styles. While a professional will need to install the wiring, you’re sure to find something you like.

  1. String Lighting

Outdoor string lights are popular for many reasons including versatility and style. They can be used nearly anywhere and come in many different shapes, styles, colors, and light outputs.

No Pinterest-worthy outdoor bbq or pool party is complete without string lighting illuminating the summer night. String lighting is affordable and functional — offering necessary lighting for a large area while also adding to overall look and feel of outdoor space.

Stay outside and do more with friends and family during the warm nights of spring and summer by adding string lights to your home’s patio or deck. 

  1. Ceiling Fan + Light Combo

A great way to keep insects at bay, stay cool, and light up your patio or porch is with a ceiling fan and light combination. In addition to ceilings, ceiling fans can also be installed on rafters, pergolas, and arbors.

There are many style options for your ceiling fan that will upgrade the vibe of your outdoor space while also making it welcoming for people to gather after dark.

  1. Hanging and Pendant Lighting

A pendant light, also known as a drop or suspender, can hang from your rafters and rafters, creating an elegance that’s hard to match. It doesn’t have to be a chandelier, but it could be. Regardless of the type of hanging light, it will surely draw the admiring attention of anyone close enough to notice.

A lot of hanging porch lights can illuminate a wide area, making supplemental lights unnecessary. If you want to make your porch or deck the focal point, try hanging a light from the center.

  1. Outdoor BBQ/Kitchen Lighting

Outdoor kitchens are heaven on earth—that is, if you can see and cook the food properly. Improper lighting will result in too many under or over-cooked meals. Not to mention the safety hazard of not having full visibility while cooking!

A variety of light fixtures, color temperatures, and lighting controls can help you switch from mood lighting to task lighting.  A professional can help you plan out where the lighting should be placed to best suit the needs of you and your outdoor barbecue.

  1. Motion-Activated Lighting

No more taking out the trash and braving the dark, feeling with your foot for any hazards right in front of you. No longer will you have to worry about forgetting to turn the front porch light on when arriving home late. With motion-activation, your porch lighting will detect when someone is present and turn on automatically — offering a convenient lighting solution that also adds protection to your home.

Consider motion sensor lights to increase the safety and security of your decks, porches, steps, and pathways. Learn about more security lighting options and ways to deter burglars.


Installing or upgrading porch and deck lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home. In addition to creating beautiful effects, you’ll also be improving safety and security for your home and loved ones.

From classical to modern, we carry all different styles of deck, patio, and porch lighting to suit your needs and desires. This spring invest in porch and deck lighting and create outdoor memories for years to come.

The Perfect Light warrants your outdoor lighting system for 10 years, including all parts (except light bulbs) and labor. Light bulbs are covered under our maintenance program. Contact us today for your free outdoor lighting estimate!

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