Basic Lawn Care Tips

Basic Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are three basic reasons for installing quality lights outside:

  • Safety
  • Visibility at Night
  • Sharing the Beauty of Your Yard

While our blog is full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your lights and the reasons why lighting is a key part of your home’s security system, we haven’t spoken much on the topic of your yard itself.  If you’re planning on showing off your home, you want to make sure that you’re maintaining a beautiful yard as well!

Nutrients and Soil

Watering­ – when it comes to a healthy lawn, the most important part is watering.  I’m not saying that anything else is unimportant, but water is a substantial part of maintaining a healthy lawn.  The trick is, you need to water weekly rather than daily.  Do a deep soak of your water to keep the soil healthy.  By letting water soak in deep it promotes deeper root growth as your grass seeks water, giving your soil more cohesion and leaving you with a thicker carpet of grass.  Keep in mind that brown, dry grass might be a lack of water or it could be a nutrient deficiency.

Fertilizer – Providing nutrients for your grass is what’s going to give you a healthy, lush lawn.  But you shouldn’t fertilize too often.  The minimum is twice a year with maybe an extra spot in the middle of summer.  While a standard NPK fertilizer provides most of the nutrients your lawn needs, it ignores the need for micronutrients.  Fertilizing your lawn 2-3 times a year with a complete fertilizer gives your lawn the boost it needs for lush, green grass.  Just remember that you’ll need to add a bit of dolomitic lime to your yard every few years to balance out the acidity of the fertilizer.  A pH-balanced lawn is a happy lawn.

Air Supply – What many people forget is that roots need oxygen.  Densely packed or flooded soils are unable to breathe and, while roots shouldn’t be directly exposed to sunlight, they do need oxygen enriched soil.  Use an aerator to pierce the lawn and add oxygen to the soil.  As an alternative, wear spiked athletic cleats when you walk around your lawn to help aerate the soil.

Trimming and Grooming

Some people enjoy mowing their yard, others despise it and want to mow as rarely as possible.  To do this, they’ll often set the mower blades to the lowest height and trim their yards as low as possible.  We’d advise against this.  To begin with, it doesn’t help.

  • Your grass will grow back as fast as possible to get to a healthy level requiring you to mow almost as often as you would normally.
  • This stresses the grass and will leave you with an unhealthy lawn and a higher number of weeds.

Instead, we advise setting your lawn mower’s blades to the highest setting, trimming it down to an acceptable height without adding the stress your grass faces when recovering the lost biomass.  This will leave you with healthier grass for a couple of reasons:

  1. The thicker grass prevents the ground from drying out as quickly after watering.
  2. The increased mass chokes out weeds and crabgrass, giving you fewer weeds to fight.

So yes, mow regularly but don’t mow your grass so short that it’s constantly fighting you to survive.  Just trim the very top of the grass and leave yourself with a nice, lush, green lawn.  Or, hire a professional team of lawn care specialists to make sure that your lawn is beautiful and green throughout the year.

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