Houston Dallas Christmas Lighting | LED or Incandescent

Houston Dallas Christmas Lighting | LED or Incandescent

The options in outdoor Christmas lighting are as exciting as they are limitless. With the Christmas season quickly approaching comes the annual decision about decorating the outside of your home!

Houston and Dallas Christmas Lighting – Incandescent vs. LED

From mini- lights in wreaths to C9 bulbs on the roof, advancements in light bulb technology gives you the option to pick from energy efficient LED bulbs, or traditional incandescent bulbs. Let’s take a closer look at each option, so that we can better decide which option is best for your home.

Incandescent Christmas Lighting

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Incandescent — this is the option you are probably most familiar with. Homeowners and Christmas light decorators have long preferred incandescent bulbs for their warmer and more pleasant glow, but they also cause a lot of problems. In addition to using considerably more energy, they also don’t last as long and can cause heat build-up. This raises the risk of blowing a fuse or circuit and limits the amount of light strings you can connect together. Advancements in LED technology make the difference in color and appearance almost unnoticeable. If you want an incandescent look for your LED lights, ask for the “warm” LED lights.

LED Christmas Lighting

Dallas Christmas Lighting - LED Lighting from The Perfect Light

LED — for years now LED has been a buzz word around the lighting industry. The benefits of LED bulbs are well documented. They used significantly less energy, have extremely long bulb life, and are considerably more durable than an incandescent bulb. The main drawback to an LED bulb is that often the coloring of these lights are often an acquired taste. LED lights put off a much crisper and louder color which can be perfect for homeowners wanting to stand out from their neighbors. Despite the fact that these bulbs use less energy, it is still extremely important that the company you choose to install your holiday light has an electrical plan. Depending on the size of your project LED light bulbs can still cause problems if adequate power is not available.

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