How to Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations

How to Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations

Nothing squashes your holiday cheer worse than taking down the decorations. Not only is it a depressing reminder that bleak January has replaced December excitement, it’s a huge pain. Lights can easily tangle and break if you throw them into their storage bins in a pile of frustration. Our team of Christmas lighting experts at The Perfect Light has perfected the art of Christmas light storage. Here is our guide on how to store Christmas lights safely and save yourself a headache next December.

1. Discard lights with signs of damage

Safety comes first where all electrical appliances are concerned. Hanging on to worn-out Christmas lights with tattered cords or exposed wires is not worth the risk of an electrical fire. Throw away any potentially hazardous lights and go ahead and discard any bulbs that burned out during the last holiday season. This will save yourself some trouble when you put up the decorations next year.

Plus, it gives you a chance to shop for some new decorations next year, and who doesn’t like that?

2. Wrap string lights around strips of cardboard or coat hangers

Trying to wind up classic string lights without tangling them is the ultimate post-Christmas struggle. You can solve this problem by winding them around a piece of cardboard or the sides of a coat hanger. When you need to use them next year, you can carefully unwind them tangle-free.

Not only will you be able to avoid the tangling altogether, but you’ll be able to store them in a way that isn’t just “roll them up and chuck them into a big pile.”

3. Roll icicle lights up in paper or plastic

Icicle lights can turn into a massive mess of tangled bunches in a hurry. Avoid this problem by laying out a 1-foot-wide sheet of plastic or paper and placing these lights on there before rolling them up.

It makes for an easy, mess-and-stress-free solution!

4. Fold up net lights like a blanket

Net lights are by far the easiest to store safely. Simply lay them out flat in a rectangle and fold them up like a blanket. It will only take two or three folds to make them compact enough to store inside a gallon-sized bag.

5. Seal up lights inside Ziploc bags

To protect your lights from the elements and keep them from tangling with each other, seal up each strand inside a gallon-sized Ziploc bag after you roll or fold it. This will help you separate the lights safely and make the setting-up process a whole lot easier when Christmas rolls back around next year.

Still wondering how to store Christmas lights safely?

If you have any questions about how to store your Christmas lights after the holidays, call our team at The Perfect Light. We’ll figure out the best way to secure your lighting setup, and we’ll be right here waiting if you want to let us do the hard work from A to Z next year. And we don’t just do Christmas lighting – outdoor lighting is our specialty, and that isn’t limited to the winter months. Give us a call at 972-304-3330 for more information!

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