How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Improve Security

How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Improve Security

Outdoor lighting can beautify your home and add a welcoming ambiance to its exterior. However, it can also be used to enhance the security and safety of your home. By adding some outdoor lights that not only look good but also keep burglars at bay, you can use your landscape light for more than one purpose. If you don’t know where to start or what lights to get or how to use outdoor lighting to improve security, you have come to the right place! The pros at The Perfect Light have some helpful tips for you.


1. Use Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting will ensure exterior lights only turn on when they sense a car or a person within its range. This can help you save on electricity bills as well as deter a potential burglar—often, a light suddenly turning on can scare them. You can put up security lights with motion sensors in your driveway or even near the pathway leading up to your front door. This way, in addition to keeping your home safer, you will also have some aid when you’re walking up to your house at night. Motion sensor lights can stay on for up to 30 seconds after they sense movement. When you’re setting up motion sensor lights keep these things in mind:

  • Position them about 6 to 10 feet from the ground
  • Point them towards doors and entrances and any sidewalks leading up to doors
  • You can also aim these motion sensors towards backyards, decks and patios


2. Consider Timers

Outdoor lighting with timer controls are great to have in order to ensure the security of your home when you’re on vacation. In addition, these controls can help you save a bit on your electricity bill. Timers can also give the illusion of being turned on manually, giving people the idea that you are home.  You can use this tactic with both, your indoor and outdoor lights.

Consider using smart timers—these timers will be part of your smart home automation system, allowing you to control your landscape lights from your smart phone or tablet.


3. Fence Lighting

In addition to adding lighting to your doors, pathways and driveways, consider adding lights to your fence if you have it. A fence can be an access point for anyone, so it’s important that it is well-lit. You can add fence lighting by using downlighting from trees, wall lights or ground lights facing up toward the fence. Providing lighting for your fence might seem like a difficult task but really, all you need is a bit of creativity!


4. Trim Shrubbery

Well-trimmed vegetation around your home will ensure that any fixtures located between it isn’t exposed to dust and debris. In addition, by trimming the hedges and trees you will have less hiding spaces.


Add Security Lighting With The Perfect Light

We hope this guide on how to use outdoor lighting to improve security was helpful! If you have more questions about the ways you can improve the security and safety of your home using outdoor lighting, get in touch with the pros at The Perfect Light. Call us today at 972-304-3330 or schedule an appointment with us online!

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