What is Color Temperature?

Share The Perfect LightYou’ve probably seen it listed on light bulb boxes, flashlights, and outdoor light fixtures: the color temperature rating.  Some people have confused the color temperature rating for how bright a light bulb is.  There’s a small correlation there, but a light bulb’s color temperature has less to do with how bright it is …

5 Tips for Outdoor Wiring Safety

Share The Perfect LightSetting up lights in your yard allows you to express just how beautiful your home is, regardless of whether the sun is up.  The right lighting can make your home even more majestic during the night than it already is during the day, but it takes a careful eye and a discerning knowledge of lighting design to pull off the effects …

5 Common Event Lighting Mistakes

Share The Perfect LightPlanning an event, whether it’s being held in your backyard or at a full event center, is an intensive ordeal.  With so many things that need attention, the lighting for your event can easily be forgotten until the last minute.  Unfortunately, getting the lighting right is far more complicated than aiming a few spotlights …

Latest Landscape Lighting and Christmas Lighting Customers