Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips for The Fall

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips for The Fall

Now that fall is finally inching its way toward the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s time to start tuning-up the different appliances in your home. While your fall maintenance checklist might be long and full of many tasks, it’s important that it includes your landscape lighting. The fall and winter nights will be longer, and you will need your outdoor lights functioning properly so they can continue to light up the exterior of your beautiful home. So, to help you prepare your outdoor lights for the new season, here are some of  The Perfect Light’s landscape lighting maintenance tips for the fall!


1. Clean Up Your Lights

If you’ve made the effort to put up lights and fixtures to light up your landscape, it’s important you keep them clean as well. Your lights might not be able to create the ambiance you want if the bulbs are covered in dirt and grime. Use a brush to dust away any loose dirt or spider webs. Then, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the bulbs and fixtures of your landscape lights.


For larger fixtures, unscrew any shields or grilles and use water and some dish soap to properly clean them. Be sure to keep all damp items away from electrical sockets and turn off all the lights before you start cleaning.


2. Say No to Moisture

In the next few months, you might see some rainfall in the DFW area. Now is the time to start protecting your lights from moisture, rain, hail and (hopefully) snowfall. Protect your outlets from moisture and rain with in-use weatherproof covers. These covers use a gasket-type seal to protect your outlets while your lights are still plugged in. In addition, make sure all your lights and fixtures are “Suitable for Damp Locations” or “Suitable for Wet Locations.” If you’re using an extension cord outside, make sure it is made for outdoor use and rated by an independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Remember: Do not permanently use extension cords outdoors.


3. Protect Wires and Cables

The buried wires of your landscape lights might have shown up on the surface of your yard over time. Before fall gets here and your yard is covered in leaves, be sure to inspect your landscape for exposed wires and bury any you see. While you might be inclined to bury these wires yourself, it’s best to call a lighting professional or an electrician to come look at them. 811 is also a great line to call if you plan to do any digging on your landscape—they will send professionals your way to ensure there aren’t any utility lines running under your yard.


4. Consider Energy-Efficient Options

If you haven’t hopped on the energy-efficient lighting bandwagon, now is the time. Energy-efficient lights such as LEDs are becoming more common because they last longer and save energy. According to the Department of Energy, LEDs can use at least 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. They also emit lesser heat compared to incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lights (CFL). You should also consider solar lighting for your landscape lights. Solar lights are not only energy-efficient, they are also convenient and easy to install.


Call the Perfect Light for Professional Maintenance!

We hope these landscape lighting maintenance tips for the fall are helpful. However, the best way to prepare your outdoor lighting for the new season, is to have a professional come inspect your lights. If you’re looking for professional lighting maintenance services in the DFW area, look no further than The Perfect Light. Our experts will ensure all the components of your outdoor lights are working perfectly so you can enjoy your illuminated landscape worry-free! Call us today at 972-304-3330 or schedule an appointment online!


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