The Best Ways to Light a Garden Pond or Water Feature

The Best Ways to Light a Garden Pond or Water Feature

It’s plant season and the perfect time of year to begin planning if you will do any landscape upgrades for spring and summer. How much space do you have in your yard? Are you looking for a way to enhance the natural beauty of your current outdoor space? Want yard to be compatible with staying out late on the warmer nights?

A backyard can be so much more than just a plot of grass. With the addition of water features or a garden pond, your yard goes from practical to magical.

With the right landscape design, your home’s backyard can be the calming retreat you usually have to leave home to experience. Nature can be transportive and restorative. Our tips for illuminating your garden pond or water feature with professional landscape lighting will help you achieve the bliss you’ve been missing.

5 Landscape Lighting Tips for Ponds & Water Features

There are many ways to dress up your front or back yard, and lighting is an integral part of completing your desired look and feel. A garden pond or any water feature is a unique element to add to your yard. Water features include fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and more.

Lighting ties everything together while being both practical and beautiful. Accent lighting is meant to do just that — accent your landscape!

Install spotlights to really show off your water feature and add other intelligently placed lighting to accentuate the existing design and plant life.

Have you thought about using colored bulbs? The possibilities are endless and exciting!

1. Fountains

Fountains can look exceptionally elegant in either the front or back of one’s home. Fountains come in different sizes and styles, so each one has its own unique lighting design challenges. Aiming a light or two at the fountain with the correct distance and beam spread will add drama and elegance to your feature. By evaluating your fountain and outdoor space and discussing some of your preferences, a professional landscape lighting specialist would be able to design and install the perfect lighting solution.

2. Pond

A good pond is many a gardener’s fantasy. Water vegetation, fish and other creatures thrive in a garden pond. If you’re looking for a zen-like atmosphere in your outdoor space, then a pond is the premiere feature.

You will need lighting to accentuate your pond. With professional lighting, your pond will sparkle like sunlight into the night. A lighting specialist will come to evaluate your pond and decide on where to install lights. Lighting may be installed on overhanging branches or around the pond to define a path and create pretty reflections. Gaining a romantic, moonlighting effect is the goal of pond lighting.

3. Waterfalls

Waterfall lighting provides ultimate ambiance. If you have a waterfall flowing off rocks for example, you will want to shine light as a safety precaution. The right lighting will also highlight the movement of the water down the waterfall. Appropriate lighting is necessary to assure you keep a relaxing mood. You might consider colored lighting or underwater lighting. When underwater lighting is done subtly the water looks soft and glowy.

4. Underwater

Underwater lighting allows for another avenue to get creative. Installing underwater lighting provides visibility for those in the backyard, which is important for safety, and it’s also a playful touch for your pond. If you are lighting a pond, the landscape lighting expert will work to accommodate any wildlife living in the pond, such as koi. The lights should not be too bright.

5. Safety

Use lighting to create ambiance and serve a purpose. Keeping you safe by offering elegant visibility is part of why landscape lighting is so useful. Whether you install underwater lighting or pathway lighting or lighting on rocks or in branches, proper installation and placement are key. A professional lighting specialist will design lighting solutions that are properly placed and offer the homeowner and any guests the necessary protection.

Bonus Pro-Tip

Don’t forget about Lighting Maintenance! Remember to clean around the lighting features, dust for cobwebs for example, and replace burned out bulbs. Consider professional landscape lighting maintenance from The Perfect Light, and upkeep the quality and performance of your landscape lighting design for years to come.

Learn more about lighting around water features or call us direct! The Perfect Light is here to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your home or event.

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