7 Lighting Tips for a Pool Party

7 Lighting Tips for a Pool Party

Labor Day is right around the corner – and is the perfect time to say goodbye to the summer with one last pool party. If you are looking for ways to “wow” your guests, increase the safety of your swimming pool, and make your backyard the best on the block, you’ve come to the right place! The outdoor lighting experts at Perfect Light are here to share 7 lighting tips for a pool party.

  1. In-pool Lighting

In-pool lighting is both a fantastic way to enhance the features of your pool and keep your friends and family safe. With in-pool lighting you can set the mood for any event. For example, a night swim can be complimented by deep blue or purple lighting, and your pool party can be enhanced by rainbow lighting.

However, in-pool lighting doesn’t just help with entertaining, it also increases the safety of your pool. If you are swimming in a well-lit pool, you are better able to see steps, walls, waterfalls, rocks, and other swimmers. Therefore, in-pool lighting greatly reduces the risk of head injuries.

  1. Highlighting Trees and Plants

The best way to give your pool a resort feel is with well-lit trees and plants. Professional lighting will show off the mature trees, delicate flowers, and tall grasses around your pool. And at Perfect Light, our technicians will ensure that you see the light, not the light fixtures.

  1. Moonlighting

When lights are mounted in trees or on roof gables then pointed at your pool, the illusion of moonlight on the water is created. This lighting option is perfect for homeowners who enjoy night swims and spending evenings by the pool.

  1. Waterproof LED Light Cubes

One of the most exciting new lighting options on the market is waterproof LED light cubes. These fixtures float on the surface of your pool and light up in an array of colors. They are an excellent way to make your pool party unforgettable.

  1. High Quality Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are a pool party staple. But it is easy to get frustrated with cheap tiki torches you find at the grocery store. Instead of buying a new set of tiki torches that only last long enough for one use, invest in higher quality, brass or copper torches. You can continue to use wicks with these torches or have them hard wired into your landscape and use lightbulbs to illuminate your backyard.

  1. Under Cap Lighting

Under cap lighting illuminates down onto the surface of benches, fire pits, and sitting walls. Like in-pool lighting, under cap lighting highlights features of your backyard and reduces your guests’ risk of injury.

  1. String Lights Across Pool

One of the most popular trends in pool lighting today is to string lights across the pool. This creates a very fun and festive atmosphere in your backyard. These lights can be attached between your roof and a tree – or decorative posts.


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