Why You Shouldn’t Go for the Lowest Outdoor Lighting Bid

Why You Shouldn’t Go for the Lowest Outdoor Lighting Bid

It isn’t best policy to go with what appears on the surface to be the “best” price. It is often said that “you get what you pay for.” You don’t have to go with the most expensive bid either; just be wary of some of the factors that come along with a low ball estimate.


Quality Vs. Value


If the quality is poor you won’t be pleased with the discount anymore. If you are looking to do an improvement, think of it as an investment into the value of your property. Think duration and durability, creativity and quality, when picking a company for your home lighting design and installation.


A company with low bids may have a history of code violations or not have properly trained technicians. Value doesn’t always mean paying less; there is more value is having lighting that will last.


It Pays to Work with Professionals


Enjoy your outdoor lighting for years to come and establish a lasting relationship with your landscape lighting company who will help you maintain your lighting. If you choose a low price, you may be unknowingly choosing a low quality lighting system. In the end, you may end up calling a different company who gave you a higher, but reasonable bid for the difference in quality.


When you work with a company that has studied landscape design, then your outdoor space will reflect that knowledge and perception. Knowing where to place the accent lighting, for example, is as important as knowing how the installation works. If you want your yard to look like the ones featured in magazines, choose a company with a proven track record of creating just that look.


Working with a designer to come up with what you want your lighting design to look like is all part of working with people who know their craft and take pride in how your home will shine. Landscape lighting is not something to pay for as an add-on; get a system that’s picked, designed, and installed to last.


Qualification is key


Don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of your lighting system. A company with a fair bid and a high quality team will yield results you’ll be proud to show off. Outdoor lighting brings people together, allowing summer get togethers to last into the night, and outdoor events throughout the year to be transformed by beautifully placed and planned lighting.


The lowest bidder may not be licensed or insured. A lighting specialist must be well versed in electrical matters, codes, and safety regulations. There is liability to accepting a low bid, especially if it is significantly lower than the other bids you receive.


If you have an outdoor landscape ideal in mind, we can help make it a reality. You should always do research on the company you choose to work with and get competing bids from different companies so you can compare. The lowest bid is not usually your best bet, as unseen problems arise down the road when you are disappointed with the outcome, or the quality of the system is poor and needs premature replacement, or someone gets hurt.


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