Outdoor Garden Lighting Tips

Outdoor Garden Lighting Tips

Outdoor garden lighting can completely transform the style, ambience, and use of your home’s outdoor spaces. If you’re thinking about restoring your backyard and garden for spring and summer, you’ve come to the right place.

Landscape lighting highlights the best parts of your home — adding curb appeal, safety and style to your property. Accent a water feature, illuminate a path or dramatize a tree. We use low-voltage, LEDuplighting and downlighting to design the perfect outdoor lighting system for your home’s unique landscaping and your family’s unique lifestyle.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Tips & Ideas

1. Make a Plan

When you know you want to add lighting to your garden, first thing’s first: Map out your plan. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist. Just sketch a general map of your garden for visual reference. What are some of the plants or trees that you want to highlight? Do you have an existing water feature? Are you looking to add lights for the purpose of enhancing visibility and safety outdoors?

Knowing what you want to achieve with your lighting in terms of safety and style will go a long way toward realizing your dream garden. Going into a landscape lighting consultation with no prior planning is not a good idea. Get a general idea of you want before thinking about the details and logistics. With a professional landscape design specialist, you’ll be given several lighting options, a complete consultation, and expert creative advice.

2. Garden Focal Points

The objective of good garden and landscape lighting is to draw the eye to a particular feature and not to the light itself. By using well, bullet, or flood lighting for instance, you can focus your lighting to call attention to a particular element. A fixture set close to the base of a tree and aimed upwards will dramatize the look of your trees, even the small ones.

3. Planting Beds

For the planting beds in your garden place fixtures to create pools of light that again help draw your eye to particular features of the plant life. You want to have visibility in your planting beds, but the whole thing doesn’t need to be bathed in light — well-placed touches of glow make your garden the star. Proper positioning is so important. Work with a professional for your garden lighting project.

4. Water Features

Everyone loves the look of a flowing water feature in an outdoor space. Water features can be a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall, for example. By playing with the position of lights near a pond or fountain, water glows and movement is highlighted. If you want to make a fountain the focal point, shining one or more lights on it adds drama. If you have a waterfall or pond, lighting around it (or underwater!) offers visibility and the chance to watch the water dance. Learn more about landscape design and tips for lighting your water feature from The Perfect Light.

5. Highlight Your Home

The architectural details of your home work together with garden focal points to create a space that is uniquely yours. You can use bullet or wash lighting to highlight your home’s facade. This adds safety and elegance, drawing the eye to special elements of the structure. Beam lights at architectural details of the home; adding soft wash lights is another option.

At The Perfect Light, our goal is transform your home and property by painting it with light. By using shadow, texture and color, your home will take on a fresh, new glow. From day to night, count on an Professional Lighting System from The Perfect Light.

All of our landscape services come with a Free Design Consultation and Nighttime Demonstration. We work together to design the perfect nighttime landscape lighting and ensure everything is as good or better than expected.

Whether by yourself or hanging out with family and friends, yard and garden lighting is essential for enjoying these warm spring and summer nights. For more information about garden lighting installation and design or to schedule a free one-on-one consultation with one of our landscape design specialists, call The Perfect Light.

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