Protect Your Outdoor Lights from Moisture and Rain 

Protect Your Outdoor Lights from Moisture and Rain 

Outdoor lighting can be just the thing your home needs to make its exterior really pop. But outdoor lighting can seem counterintuitive if you’re unfamiliar with the setup process. For example: inclement weather and even sprinkling rain can moisten your lighting. What can you do to protect your outdoor lights from moisture and rain? The answer is much simpler than you might realize. The experts at The Perfect Light are here to shed some perfect light on the subject.


Consider these elements of your outdoor lights to ensure that they’re protected from moisture and rain:


Lighting Types

If you’re at a stage where you’re considering types of outdoor lighting, solar lights and LED lights are really the way to go. Solar lights obviously require no wiring, which makes protecting them from rain and moisture a breeze. LED lights are battery-operated, so you can bypass any issues with wires here too!


Lighting Location

The location of your outdoor lighting matters more than you might realize, especially when it comes to protecting your lights from outdoor elements. The solar and LED lights mentioned in the last point are great for pathway lighting, but wired lighting should be installed beneath an overhang (like the roof of your porch) to make sure the lights stay safe and dry.


Protective Outlet Coverings

When it comes to electrical safety, protecting your outlets should be your number one focus. If you already have wired lighting installed and you want to protect them, purchasing protective coverings is really the best way to go. Some options to consider are while-in-use weatherproof covers.

If you’re concerned about outdoor lighting safety and won’t have time to purchase an outlet cover for a while, just turn off the power for your outdoor light at the electrical panel when you know severe weather is on the way.


Installation Method

As you can see from all the points listed above, installing your outdoor lights properly, the first time around, is the best way to protect your outdoor lights from moisture and rain. When you need outdoor lighting installed properly, reach out to the trained, licensed professionals at The Perfect Light. We’re perfectionists, so we won’t rest until we know your outdoor lighting is set up aesthetically and safely.


If you’re ready to pull the plug and install new outdoor lighting at your home, simply call the number associated with the location nearest to you or fill out this short, online form.

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