Security Lighting Options for National Crime Prevention Month

Security Lighting Options for National Crime Prevention Month

October is National Crime Prevention Month. Take the time to protect your family and property from thefts and break-ins.


Security lighting is one of the best ways to increase safety and security around your home. It’s all about providing the necessary light to move around the outside of your home while dissuading would-be thieves from coming close.


While security lighting technology advances every year, there are some time-tested approaches that help keep you and your family safe.


The Perfect Light has specialists in landscape and security lighting to answer all of your questions. We provide a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions to enhance your home and property.


  1. Motion-Sensitive Lights


Powerful, motion-sensitive spotlights will turn on whenever they detect movement, flooding the outdoor area with bright light. These motion-sensor lights are great from when you return home at night and need more light to navigate safely to your front door.


They also discourage crime since criminals don’t like to be seen. If you are indoors the lights will alert you to movement outdoors. Keep in mind that motion-sensitive lights don’t keep your yard lit all night long. They should only be used in situations where you need light when someone’s nearby or as a theft deterrent.


For effective and properly placed security lights, contact the qualified experts at The Perfect Light.


  1. Dusk-to-Dawn Lights


Dusk-to-dawn lights aren’t motion sensitive; instead, they are sensitive to light. They turn on every night and turn off every dawn so you don’t have to remember to manually turn them on and off.


Many of these units use photocells to detect natural light, accommodating seasonal shifts in daylight.


Sometimes, dusk-to-dawn lights are connected to timers that turn them off and on at the appropriate times. Light timers can be used for any of your lights, inside or outside the home.


Time controllers can help you turn any light, including Christmas lights, on and off at specific times every day. For instance, you can use light timers to navigate stairs and paths when you wake up (before sunrise) and turn them back off after you go to work.


Dusk-to-dawn lights can be powered in one of three ways:

  • Line voltage – connects to the standard wiring.
  • Low voltage – uses transformers to connect with the electrical system
  • Solar power – internal batteries get charged by the sun during daylight, but many connect to wall outlets for backup power


With these two styles of security lighting, you have a lot of options at your disposal.


Additional Security Lighting Considerations


  • Positioning – Position your lights properly to avoid blind spots around the property. Lights that are higher up cast a larger area of light than those closer to the ground.
  • Lighting on all sides – Illuminate the back and sides of your home, not just the front.
  • Maintenance – Establish a proper outdoor lighting maintenance routine to make sure everything is working properly.


Learn more security lighting tips form the pros.


We offer a wide range of landscape lighting options:

  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Line Voltage Lighting
  • Moon Lighting (Mercury Vapor)
  • Security Lighting


Contact The Perfect Light to help you design a security lighting system that helps you navigate your home safely while working as a crime deterrent.

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