Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Electrical Safety

Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Electrical Safety

Summer is the time to get into your swimsuit and enjoy some fun in the water. It’s also the time to go over essential pool, spa, and hot tub safety.

Before you start splishing and splashing, take the time to learn about potential electrical hazards around swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

If you haven’t scheduled an electrical safety inspection to make sure all of your lights and life-saving devices are working properly and following NEC standards, contact a professional electrician right away! A qualified electrician will be able to check all of your ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), grounding, bonding, and lighting systems are functioning properly.

Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Electrical Safety for Owners

Every year, there are thousands of swimming pool, hot tub, and spa tragedies. Luckily, these horrible injuries and deaths are preventable.

  • Schedule annual professional maintenance of your electrical equipment from a qualified electrician, ideally in the spring.
  • Never attempt to perform electrical work on your own. All electrical maintenance, repairs, and installations should be performed by a licensed professional.
  • When installing a new pool, hot tub, spa, or any electrical equipment, make sure all electrical work and wiring is performed by a licensed electrician.
  • Learn how to turn off electrical power in the case of an emergency.
  • Make sure all outdoor receptacles have a waterproof cover to keep them dry.
  • All outdoor outlets must have working ground fault circuit interrupter protection. Test your GFCIs every month.
  • All outdoor electrical equipment, including pool cleaning equipment, needs to be grounded.
  • Keep all stereos, cords, and other electrical equipment at least 10 feet away from any water source. Consider using battery-operated electrical devices instead. The NEC requires that all electrical wires and junction boxes should be at least five feet away from water.
  • Make sure you are completely dry before touching any electrical device.
  • Ensure there are no power lines above a pool or spa. Contact a qualified electrician or local utility company to make sure power lines are safe distance away.
  • Install a power safety cover to keep the electrical control devices out of reach of children. Keep the cover closed when not actively supervising the area.
  • If you have young children, install a pool barrier.
  • Keep rescue equipment (life rings, floats, and a reaching pole) near the pool, accessible and in good condition.
  • Post poolside safety instructions, pool rules, and emergency numbers.
  • Ask your electrician about pool alarms. Remember, even if someone is trespassing on your property, you could be sued if anyone drowns or gets injured in your pool.
  • Make sure your family knows how to swim and basic water safety skills.

Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Electrical Safety for Swimmers

  • Learn how to swim and other basic water safety skills.
  • Never swim alone. Only swim when there is a lifeguard or responsible adult present.
  • Actively supervise children when around the water. If young children are in t the pool with you, stay within arm’s reach and avoid any distractions.
  • Put toys away and out of sight when not in use.
  • Never swim before, during, or right after a thunderstorm.
  • Learn how to turn off the right electrical switches and circuit breakers to pool lights and equipment in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure you are completely dry before touching any electrical device.
  • Ensure there are no power lines above a pool or spa.
  • Obey all posted signs and rules.

What Is Electric Shock Drowning?

Prevent electric shock drownings by having a certified electrician inspect your pool, spa, and hot tub wiring every year. Your electrician should follow all NEC requirements for pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Free Electrical and Lighting Safety Tip Sheets from NFPA

Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Safety Sheet - NFPA

Pool, spa, and hot tub safety tip sheet

Lightning Safety Sheet - NFPA

Lighting safety tip sheet

For safe and professional lighting around pools, spas, and water features, contact The Perfect Light for your free one-on-one consultation.

More information on outdoor lighting and electrical safety:

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