Why Should I Hire a Landscape Lighting Professional?

Why Should I Hire a Landscape Lighting Professional?

You’ve been working on your front yard for months and your hard work has finally paid off – your flower beds are looking good and your trees are arching beautifully around your home. You want people to see your accomplishment, no matter the time of day, so you’re considering installing some outdoor lights. But you’re not sure if you want someone else to do it. Installing a couple of lights here and there should be easy. “Why should I hire a landscape lighting professional to do it?” You ask yourself. The team at The Perfect Light might have some answers.


1. Less Room for Mistakes

When you consult a professional about your outdoor lighting needs, there will be fewer mistakes as opposed to when you install the outdoor lights yourself. With a professional you will get a thorough consultation, detailed planning, high quality installation and lighting. There will be less room for mistakes such as these:

  • Visible Light Source

Many people make the mistake of leaving light sources visible. When putting up outdoor lights, the light source should be hidden from view while providing the lighting necessary. Seeing the actual light fixture can be distracting as it will be too bright. A lighting professional will have a good idea of where to place lights to make sure fixtures are hidden.

  • Adding too Much Lighting

It’s easy to get carried away with how much lighting you add to your landscape. However, lighting works best when it is highlighting a few important features rather than the whole yard (or neighborhood).

  • Not Doing Research

When installing outdoor lights, whether it’s for safety purposes or to add a nice ambiance, it’s important to know what kind of lights you’re installing. Things to consider include whether they’re weatherproof or not and how you can layer the lights. Installing light is more than stringing a couple of lights here and there; it requires planning and research. While many people who opt for the DIY route might make this mistake, professionals will not.


2. Professionals Will Ensure Your Safety

A professional lighting consultant will not only care about the look of your home but also your safety. If you install lights by yourself, you must remember that doing electrical work outdoors is no easy feat and can also be hazardous. Touching the wrong wire, using lights that aren’t weather-proof or not ensuring that the current is off at the source can be fatal.


3. Accurate Assessment of Your Needs

Many lighting companies provide a pre-installation consultation. If you make an appointment with the experts at The Perfect Light, the first step in the process will be a free one-on-one consultation. In addition, before we begin installation, we will also offer a free nighttime demonstration. Meeting with a qualified lighting designer will help professionals understand your needs.


4. Save Money in the Long Run

With professional installation as well as high quality equipment, it might seem you’re spending more than you’re saving. However, while the upfront costs of the bulbs and fixtures might be high, it’s important to consider the long-term savings. Cheaper products will obviously have a lower upfront cost, but these products might not last long or they might give you problems leading to unnecessary expenses.

At the Perfect Light we use extremely high-quality products that have been carefully vetted. We also offer a variety of maintenance options to ensure your outdoor lights last you a long time and don’t cause any costly problems.


5. We Will Make Sure Your House Wows Everyone

Lastly, a professionals’ touch will ensure your house wows everyone in your neighborhood. A qualified landscape lighting designer will know how to place and layer lighting to highlight the best features of your yard. While many people with less experience often focus too much on the details, designers have a keen eye for the overall mood the lighting will create.


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