Why You Should Invest in Quality Outdoor Lighting

Why You Should Invest in Quality Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is great for the beautification and safety of your home. It can highlight the best parts of the exterior, while lighting up the walkway so you don’t trip in the darkness. Without proper lighting you will be fumbling around in the dark and your home will be just another nondescript house in the neighborhood. Now we know you don’t want that—which is why you should invest in quality outdoor lighting.


If you’re not convinced, keep reading! The Perfect Light has a few more reasons why quality outdoor lighting is a great investment.


1. It Compliments Your Landscape

When installed right, outdoor lighting can really compliment your landscape. It will enhance the look of your home, emphasizing the shrubbery, trees or flowers that you have worked so hard to grow. If you’re planning on investing in actual quality lighting, it is best you get in touch with landscape lighting professionals who can help you consider the landscape lighting options you have. While the process might get expensive, it will be worth it in the long run. The maintenance or repair costs will not bother you too often as the lights will be sturdier and of good quality. With professional light installation and quality outdoor lighting, you will get a better understanding of how to subtly create the right ambiance, layer lighting and ensure that your home is well-lit and welcoming without being a neighborhood eyesore!


2. It Brings Up the Value of Your Home

Adding outdoor lighting can add to the value of your home by improving the curb appeal and making it stand out. You can add curb appeal to bring up the value of your home by planning a front door makeover—you can do this by adding wall lanterns, solar lights, double sconces, flush-mount lights and gas lights. You can also add moon lighting, which can be achieved by putting lights up at the top of a tree. Moon lighting allows light to gently fall through tree branches and leaves, adding a unique glow to your home. Homes that have been beautified using gardening, consistent maintenance and quality outdoor lighting can sell for more than homes that have not.


3. No More Falls and Trips

As we mentioned earlier, outdoor lighting can be a great way to light up your home to ensure your safety when you’re walking up your walkway or driveway in the dead of night. Lights with lighting controls such as timers and motion sensors are helpful to have in these cases. These lights turn on whenever they sense movement in their range and can turn off after 30 seconds, depending on the set timer. This way you will ensure that lights only turn on when they sense someone walking or a car pulling into the driveway, saving you money on your energy bill.


4. Allows for Outdoor Activities

Lastly, quality outdoor lighting is great to have because it turns your landscape into a space that feels like a part of your home. It becomes a space for barbecues, family gatherings, parties or a quiet evening around the fire. Whether you put up string lights, a fire pit or task lights for grilling, quality outdoor lighting will ensure you have a welcoming outdoor atmosphere.


Choose the Perfect Light for All Your Outdoor Lighting Needs!

Now that you know why you should invest in quality outdoor lighting, it’s time to start looking into your lighting options. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry—the experts at The Perfect Light are here to help you out. If you choose to add lighting to your landscape, The Perfect Light will give you a free one-on-one consultation with one of our professionals as well as a free nighttime light demonstration! Get in touch today by calling us 972-304-3330 or filling out a service request form on our website.




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