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Texas Outdoor Lighting System Installation & Maintenance

Have you ever imagined that your house could look more beautiful at night than it does during the day? The Perfect Light can paint your house with light in a way you didn’t think possible. Your home is one of your biggest investments. With The Perfect Light outdoor lighting, you’ll enjoy your home more, even as you increase its value. You’ll also enjoy spending more time in your outdoor living area with family and friends.

By “painting” with light, we transform your property. We use shadow, texture and color, along with dark silhouettes, to give your house its own unique look. We promise you that your home will be more beautiful during the night than in the daytime!

Texas Outdoor Event Lighting

We have provided outdoor lighting for many weddings and wedding receptions. We can also light up your birthday party, grand opening, benefit, holiday party or anniversary.

Softly lit landscaping, palms and architectural features can provide a beautiful backdrop for your event. We can also wrap your trees in light, and create canopies of light, using clear miniature lights, creating an elegant effect. LED lighting in brilliant hues can also be used to create an unforgettable effect.

We can make your special occasion even more memorable!

Texas Christmas Lighting and Decor – Installation & Maintenance

We can transform your house for the holidays. Your home will look stunning with perfectly straight lighting along your roof lines, ground lighting along your sidewalks and drives, and beautiful greenery which is visible day and night. We develop a custom design for each home, so the materials we use are yours to keep. The following year, The Perfect Light will re-install your design at a significant discount, using the materials which we customized for your residence the previous year.

We have decorated thousands of homes for Christmas, so let us get on the roof so you don’t have to. We keep our promises and we guarantee our work.

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