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Our straightforward sales process is designed to be easy-to-follow so that you can focus on what really matters: the enjoyment of your new custom outdoor landscape lighting.

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What type of products do you use?

At The Perfect Light, we use professional-grade outdoor lighting. We also use a ratio of 80 bulbs per 100 feet for roofline lighting, to give a more residential look versus a commercial building look. You can always spot The Perfect Light house.

What type of maintenance do you offer?

We offer complimentary maintenance service throughout the season, as many times as you need–just contact your Area manager and they will handle the rest.

Is there a guarantee or warranty on products?

We offer a lifetime guarantee of the materials, so you never have to replace another one, as long as you are our customer! We have customers coming back their 20th year that have never had to replace an item at their cost. If it comes out of the box broken the next year, we just replace it before it gets installed.

What happens if I move?

The Perfect light has multiple city locations so in case you ever move, you take your materials credit to apply at your new home without losing your materials investment.

How do I know my lights are safe in storage?

Storing your materials in our safe, insured warehouse, is why we can guarantee your materials. If anything happens to your products they will be replaced before install.

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We believe outdoor enhancements to your home are just as valuable as indoor decorations. When you add exterior lighting, you complement your outdoor living space and illuminate the neighboring area with joy.

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