How Much is Professional Landscape Lighting?

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Landscape lighting is the perfect way to improve the functionality of your outdoor space and its security. Placing lights strategically along the pathways also enhances the beauty of the area and accents other outdoor features such as fountains and pools. Before hiring a professional to install landscape lighting, it is essential to know how much the project may cost. Doing this will allow you to decide the type of fixture you want and budget in advance. Read on to find out how much professional landscape lighting costs and the factors that may influence the total expenses.

What is the Cost of Professional Landscape Lighting?

Most homeowners spend approximately $3,000 to install landscape lighting consisting of about ten fixtures. Despite this amount being the average cost, it may vary depending on the area’s size and the number of fittings you are getting.

For example, if you have a typical outdoor space of about 800 yards, you may spend $3,000 to $4,000 for the project. On the other hand, if your backyard is large, it may require anywhere from 30-50 fixtures. In such a case, you may pay anywhere from $300 to install each one of them. 

A Breakdown of Landscape Lighting Costs

The amount you spend on a landscape lighting project may vary depending on various factors. Hence, it is always advisable to get a quote for the entire work before hiring professional services. The first expense you will incur is the cost of purchasing installation materials. 

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You are likely to spend about $200 on the wire, $900 on LED bulbs, and $200 on transformers for a 20-light system. If you choose to have motion lights installed in your front yard, the professional may charge you an additional $300-$600 depending on the number of devices needed. Still, the prices of individual items may vary based on the model, design, and quality of the materials you select. 

Another expense you will incur for a landscape lighting project is the cost of labor. On average, a company may charge you about $600 to install a standard lighting system. If you agree to pay according to the time used for installation, you can spend about $70 to $150 per hour.

Additional Costs You May Incur for Professional Landscape Lighting

The cost of professional landscape lighting goes beyond the amount you spend on materials and labor. When planning for the project, you should consult an electrician to determine if the transformer you are currently using can handle the expected additional voltage. If you need to increase the voltage capacity, you will spend about $350 to $1,500 to replace the existing transformer, depending on the size of your home. The other alternative is to add power to the current device at an average cost of $200.

Outdoor living space designs evolve with time, necessitating some modifications to keep up with current trends. If your property already has landscape lighting, you may need to retrofit and change the wiring to accommodate new fixtures. This entire process may cost you an additional 20% of the project’s total cost. 

Other possible landscape lighting expenses are:

  • Drilling
  • Installing cables beyond the standard size
  • Fixing a time clock
  • Installing an electric outlet
  • Integrating remote control into the system

The design you select for your landscape lighting can significantly influence the ambiance of your outdoor space. To get the best design compatible with other features in the area, you will need to consult a professional. The designer may charge you about $200 to $500 to develop a plan and a detailed illustration for the contractor. Alternatively, you can go for a landscape lighting company that includes designing in their service package.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Professional Landscape Lighting

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The amount of money you incur on your landscape lighting project will depend on a wide range of factors. For instance, if you choose to get LED bulbs instead of halogen ones, you will pay more. Despite halogen bulbs being relatively cheaper, you will need to change them each year and spend more in the long run. To avoid these recurring expenses, most professional lighting experts recommend using LED lighting. 

More factors that may affect the cost of your project are:

  • The quality of fixtures
  • Installing lights on outdoor structures like pergolas and patios
  • The size of your landscape
  • Power source – electricity or solar
  • Additional renovations to your back or front yard

Another aspect that will influence the cost of your project is whether or not your home has a 110-volt outlet. While this feature is prevalent in most buildings in the US, older homes often have a shortage of exterior ground fault interrupters (GFI) outlets. If your home does not have the devices, the expert will charge you extra money for purchase and installation. 

How to Select a Landscape Lighting Design 

When getting landscape lighting, it is essential to select the best design within your budget.  The first step to ensuring this is consulting lighting professionals. These experts can help you choose a plan that not only complements other parts of your property but also serves the intended purpose. 

For instance, if you need the lighting mainly for security purposes, they can help you select the most appropriate fixture within your budget. Other than that, they will assess various factors of your home to determine how much you are likely to spend on the entire project. 

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Some of the aspects they may look at are the type of soil on the land, features you need to highlight, and if your home needs a different transformer. After the evaluation, the expert will present you with different designs and their estimated cost. You may then select the model you prefer and agree on payment terms and when they may start the work.

Contact The Perfect Light for Professional Landscape Lighting

Hiring landscape lighting professionals can help you improve your home’s aesthetic and ensure that you get value for the money you spend. At Perfect Light, we provide custom landscape lighting services for various uses, including events and holidays. Our experts can guide you in selecting the best lighting system for your home, depending on the intended purpose. They will also provide you with a detailed price evaluation and a breakdown of the total cost.  Reach out to us today for an estimate.

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