Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Spring

landscape lighting on home and front garden by The Perfect Light

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Are you thinking about upgrading your exterior this spring? If there are neglected areas outside your home from the winter months, it’s a good idea to start planning those projects now. One project you should add to your list will give you a great return and ultimate satisfaction, outdoor lighting. 

Turn your home into a work of art, improve safety, and maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. There is no better time than the spring season to consider installing or upgrading your outdoor landscape lighting. Take a look below at how you can incorporate lighting into your spring season upgrade routine. The benefits of outdoor lighting include aesthetic appeal and adding to the quality of your life in other ways.

Spruce up Your Home for Spring 

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your linen closet. Do not overlook the opportunity to refresh the entirety of your house. The exterior of your home also needs your attention at this time of year. Put exterior upgrades on your spring to-do list.

Some top improvement tips for this spring include:

  • Refreshing front door paint
  • Clearing gutters
  • Preparing flowerbeds for planting
  • Cleaning decks, porches, and walkways

You’ll want to showcase the new pristine look of your exterior. Make those improvements shine with outdoor lighting. Strategically installed lighting will ensure the outside of your home looks as striking at night as it does during the day.

The beauty of your home will not go unnoticed by guests, neighbors, and passersby. Outdoor landscape lighting is an improvement to your home as any other. You’re adding beauty and interest to the structure and curb appeal.

Seasonal Outdoor Landscape Lighting Accents

As the weather becomes more conducive to planting and growing your gardens and landscapes, add some interest to your home with plants and flowers. Color and beauty abound in these top 15 plants for growing in Texas.

landscape lighting in garden and on home by The Perfect Light

Adding lighting to those landscaping touches will allow them to be noticed at all times. Consider light installation that focuses on areas of interest in your landscape. Feature unique or prized plants with accent illumination.

Other elements that are eye-catching when highlighted with accent illumination are:

  • Fountains
  • Accent trees
  • Water features
  • Statues or landscape art

Accent illumination becomes a form of expression when you’ve chosen the elements to highlight. Tailoring these lights showcases your style and increases appreciation for the landscape elements you’ve chosen. You’ll notice an added depth and interest to those items you have curated, and others will too!

Linger Longer With the Right Light

Spring means weather worthy of lounging. If you enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces, make the most of them with spring season lighting for the outdoors. You may have a specific purpose for lighting, or it may be that you simply want to create an atmosphere. Either way, outdoor lighting makes sense and will enhance the experience.

Task Lighting

Areas that need task lighting include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pathways
  • Stairs
  • Grill areas
  • Driveways

Outdoor lighting in these areas will ensure that you can efficiently carry out tasks and safely use the features of your property at night. They optimize the function of those places where you need to have clarity. You won’t have to shut down the grill early or worry about stumbling in the dark.

Lighting is also helpful when used to define your seating or entertainment area. This aids in encouraging and guiding guests to remain in the places you’ve designated as entertainment spaces. It’s an added safety feature and encourages mingling and interaction.


You can choose the overall glow you want to create in your outdoor space by selecting the type of light to install. Different light bulbs offer different shades of color and light intensities. There is a variety to choose from based on your desired feeling and effect.

Create a warm, soft glow with high-pressure sodium vapor lights perfect for cozy nights by the fire pit or quaint outdoor dinners. Go for the brighter white of an incandescent bulb for festive gatherings or activities. Whatever your mood, there is a light configuration for you. Enhancing the ambiance may also encourage you to host more gatherings. Allow lighting to bring you together with your family and friends for enjoyable nights outdoors.

Safety and Security

outdoor landscape lighting by the perfect light

Although the spring is the perfect time for outdoor upgrades and improvements, safety and security are paramount at all times of the year. The lighting around the exterior of your home can provide additional peace of mind. Lighting outdoors is not only beautiful but serves as protection from intruders.

Do you feel comfortable walking up to your home at night? Are guests able to quickly navigate to entrances? It’s an innovative yet straightforward safety feature to have well-lit entranceways and walkways on your property. Motion sensor lights, timed lights, and floodlights all serve a particular purpose when it comes to securing your property. Making the right choice for safety can mean knowing your options.

Choose to Shine This Spring 

Custom outdoor landscape lighting will highlight the beauty of your home. It’s a job worthy of including on your spring home improvements list.

What better time than spring to consider a fresh start for your outdoor elevation? You’ll be ready to take advantage of prime outdoor entertaining weather. Lighting will allow you to provide a welcoming, warm environment for your guests and improve their safety and security and your own peace of mind as well.

Consider the perks of spring season lighting and put scheduling a consultation on your spring to-do list today!

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