commercial christmas lights

Get Ready for the Holiday Season with Commercial Christmas Lights

Mike Rentz Outdoor Lighting

Many businesses rely on the holiday season to support their annual financial goals. To that end, they often begin to make plans for their holiday campaigns early in the year. Shopping malls, supermarkets, Main Street businesses, commercial properties, professional offices, and other types of businesses and organizations not only recognize but celebrate the holiday season with commercial Christmas lights and …

Exterior Lighting Design by The Perfect Light

How to Design Exterior Lighting

Mike Rentz Outdoor Lighting

Did you know that exterior lighting enhances the outlook of your garden plants, hardscapes, and outdoor antiques such as pergolas and arbors? In fact, nothing adds that overnight exotic look to your home better than perfectly designed exterior lighting. It enhances security and adds drama, allure, and beauty to your home whenever the sun goes down. It is a must-have if …

landscape lighting on home and front garden by The Perfect Light

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Spring

Mike Rentz Outdoor Lighting

Are you thinking about upgrading your exterior this spring? If there are neglected areas outside your home from the winter months, it’s a good idea to start planning those projects now. One project you should add to your list will give you a great return and ultimate satisfaction, outdoor lighting.  Turn your home into a work of art, improve safety, and …